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What is www.numere-romane.ro?

www.numere-romane.ro is a website that offers an online free tool to automatically convert Arabic numbers (the ones that we use every day) and calendar dates (such as birthdays) into Roman numerals.

What is the purpose of numere-romane.ro?

numere-romane.ro aims at providing users a reliable online tool to convert Arabic numbers and calendar dates into Roman numerals, explain all the results and also give users the tools to learn by themselves on how to write Arabic numbers into those Roman numerals equivalent, by understanding the reading rules.

Why this site?

In 2010, September, I wrote a short article about Roman numerals in the "known-facts" section of haios.ro website. In that article I was trying to explain users how can they write numbers by using Roman numerals instead and which are the steps of converting from an Arabic number to a Roman numeral. It was not difficult to notice that soon this subject became quite popular among the site visitors and started to gather increasingly more questions from them in the form of comments left on the article page, in which I was requested to convert certain numbers into Roman numerals.

Here's a link to this article on Roman numerals (Romanian): Roman numerals .

I was more than happy to see that people were interested in this subject, perhaps some of them pressed by the preparation of required homework, others out of curiosity. Whatever the reason, it's a good thing to learn something new and useful every day, and not just to hang from one day to another (your brain and your heart are among your biggest assets). So I answered each question that I got from haios.ro site visitors as new replies to their initial comments left on the article's page, making all the requested conversions, and not only on this page, of the "known-facts", but also on new other pages that I had created in the meantime under the "tests & quizzes" section of the haios.ro site (teste.haios.ro), all on "Roman numerals" topic.

From here to the idea of creating a brand new website that automatically performs the conversion algorithm from Arabic numbers into Roman numerals was not a long way: numere-romane.ro .

Why learn writing numbers by using Roman numerals

Because it's more complicated and less efficient than the ordinary writing, with the Arabic numbers! Not everyone can do it. Almost everyone knows how to write numbers representing his or her year of birth, for example, 1998. But few know what MCMXCVIII (1998) means! Would you like to be cool? Learn how to write numbers by using Roman numerals.

Writing numbers in Roman numerals is still quite used in certain environments, especially when writing dates, but not only, so it is not a bad idea to understand the reading rules.

The conversion of Arabic numbers into the Roman numerals also involves some logic, which in this case can be a fun little challenge for someone willing to do it.

What can you do?

If you find this website useful, make it known your friends, acquaintances, or those you know they need such a conversion tool. At the same time, any feedback to improve our service is more than welcomed and on the long run it helps the others visitors.

What are the means of numere-romane.ro

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